NewGrass® artificial grass is going to the Super Bowl! We are installing a synthetic grass playing field.

NewGrass® has been chosen by the NFL and Gatorade as the playing field for their NFL Junior Training Camp in the shadow of the new Cowboys Stadium the day before Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas.

Synthetic Grass Playing Field: A Safe, Eco-Friendly Option

Long recognized NewGrass as a safe, clean and environmentally friendly ground cover for sports fields and play areas. In addition NewGrass looks so realistic! As such, 5,000 square feet is going in a Wal-Mart parking lot less than 900 feet away from the stadium. After that, for hundreds of kids and NFL players to participate in drills and activities.

In addition, the event supports Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. For the installation’s infill, NewGrass® is using Nike Grind. Made from recycled athletic shoes it creates new athletic and playground surfaces. Nike Grind makes for a safe synthetic grass playing field.

Our NewGrass president said, “Nike Grind has been shown to be healthy and environmentally friendly, and we’re excited to use it as one more option to crumb rubber infill.”

NewGrass® stopped using crumb rubber a few years ago. Seems like concerns about health hazards are an issue. As such, using it for infill does not create a safe synthetic grass playing field.

“This is a very big event for us, and one that we’re very proud of supporting. Seems like Nike and NewGrass® share an eco-friendly commitment,” said our NewGrass president. “Reuse-A-Shoe recycles athletic shoes, and NewGrass is made from primarily recyclable materials. hence, this is a great non-traditonal use for NewGrass!”

NewGrass is Perfect for Large Events!

The use of NewGrass® at a one-day Super Bowl event in a huge parking lot is also one more testament to its great use for temporary ground cover. The install will occur one day before the NFL Junior Training Camp. And when the event is over, we will remove it.

NewGrass® is part of outdoor public arts projects in New York City’s Times Square. Also, you can find it in a Southern California backstage area for a glitzy fashion show.

NewGrass® commits to being 100% eco-friendly. As such, our backing on NewGrass® replaces over 90 percent of the petroleum polymers from previous generations. We use bio-based compounds from domestically-grown soybeans – a renewable resource.

The backing of NewGrass® also incorporates post-consumer PET plastic from soft drink and water bottles. That makes it – and the entire product – 100 percent recyclable. Consequently, we are perfect for your next commercial project big or small. So don’t hesitate. Reach out today and let NewGrass help!

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