Cooler artificial grass? Yes, it’s possible. In fact, it might be a necessity for you. For instance, say you live in Maine. In a northern state like that, you definitely get true seasonal weather patterns. If you have artificial grass, your mild summer creates the perfect environment for enjoying your outdoor space.

Now, let’s say you live in a state like California, Arizona or New Mexico. Chances are, you have warmer temperatures year round. After all, there is a reason Charles Schultz always showed Snoopy’s cousin putting Christmas lights on his cactus in the middle of the desert. Snow is rare in hot, humid climates. So in that environment, your artificial grass could get extremely hot.

In fact, the Synthetic Turf Council warns artificial grass could get as hot as 200 degrees. That’s enough to burn your hands and feet for sure. In addition, temps can escalate under normal conditions as high as 50 degrees above normal outside temps. So do you need cooler artificial grass? Yes, you do. Honestly, you should expect it.

There are so many recent industry advances spanning the past 15 years, cooler grass should be the new norm rather than an outlier. And NewGrass carries a product line featuring cooler artificial grass. The secret is not a coating or additive. No, it’s the product itself.

cooler artificial grass

NewGrass takes pride in our product sourcing. We vet every vendor to make sure their products pass our quality standard guidelines. We do this before entertaining the possibility of using their product as one of our artificial grass ingredients. Why? Because many consumers can not spot poor quality artificial grass. As such, companies like Bonar’s Yarns are go to sources for us. The proprietary process Bonar’s Yarns uses for production produces artificial grass yarn that keeps its cool under heat. In fact, you might only notice a variance of 7-10 degrees. That’s the power of NewGrass products equipped with Bonar Yarn’s Coolgrass technology.

Cooler Artificial Grass the Old Fashioned Way

However, did you know you can cool artificial grass the old fashioned way? Just give it a spritz with a water hose to cool it off instantly. There is a peripheral benefit to this as well. Dust and debris removal. Remember, artificial grass is low maintenance, but not entirely no maintenance. Often, sales people will use no maintenance as a pitch to sell the product. However, an occasional spray is required to remove dust and other small debris. So if you need to cool down your artificial grass mid-day, give it a quick spritz.

Another way to get cooler artificial grass? Consider putting up a shade element. There are all sorts of numerous patio sets featuring shaded tables. Also, you can purchase a lawn umbrella from your favorite home improvement store to create instant shade. In addition to these ideas, why not set up an outdoor swing with a shade awning? Also, consider incorporating a shaded arbor or gazebo into your outdoor space.

Consider NewGrass with Coolgrass

There are all sorts of ways to get cooler artificial grass. However, if you have yet to start your artificial grass project, consider one of our NewGrass products with Coolgrass technology. These artificial grass products are the perfect solution for commercial applications. Cooler grass is more inviting and encourages the public to engage the space. Families can enjoy a day at the park. Also, corporations can throw epic company picnics. The list of positive uses for cooler artificial grass are endless.

artificial grass with cooling technology

Furthermore, cooler artificial grass saves you money. There are several recent horror stories involving athletic fields melting due to inferior artificial grass. You don’t want to end up in one of those situations. They wind up costing millions rather than thousands. Hence, it’s best to get it right the first time. At NewGrass, we understand that.

NewGrass: The Solution for a Cooler Lawn

So if you are considering artificial grass for your home or commercial project, give us a try. Our sales staff will be happy to go over the benefits of artificial grass with you. In addition, they may share some of the ways artificial grass can surprise you. They are so many. In addition, we can also give you product samples to see and feel. We have the perfect cooler grass. If you are looking for a nicely manicured lawn, we have you covered. If you prefer a lawn with a bit more shag, we can handle that too.

Our product line and quality are unmatched. Furthermore, our grasses won’t fade. All of our products feature UV coating which keep them  looking green year round. It also helps it look more realistic too. If you have ever seen a cheap artificial grass product you know what we mean. The sheen or high gloss look only makes your yard look fake.

Yet, with NewGrass products you get none of that. Our grass is designed to look green, stay green and remain cool in the hottest of weather. Remember, we are based in California so we know a thing or two about heat.

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So what are you waiting for? Contact NewGrass today and let us help you keep your cool. Summer will be here before you know it. As a reminder, we ship anywhere in the continental US. And if you need help finding an install company, we can point you in the right direction. We are ready to help you create the ultimate, cool green space for your next lawn project.


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