Often, we are asked why our artificial grass looks realistic. The short answer is we do a fantastic job of sourcing the right materials. However, the real answer requires a bit more explanation. We are going to spend then ext few minutes unpacking the specifics of why our artificial grass looks real. There are several things you need to look for in a quality artificial grass product. And since it is made just like carpet, some of the terms may be familiar to you.

Constitution is Important

No, we are not referring to that constitution (though it is important for sure). There are several things about the constitution of artificial grass that distinguish a quality product from a substandard one. For instance, if you are looking for the most real artificial grass, pay attention to these items.

Pile Height

This is a term very familiar to those in the carpet industry. Therefore, since artificial grass is made very similar to carpet, the term applies in the same manner. Pile Height refers to the length of the grass blades. Typical pile height range is 30-37mm.

However, keep in mind, the higher the blade, the more likely it is to fall over in time (we all succumb to gravity). This may require routine raking to stand the blades up. That’s okay, brushing and raking are part of any routine turf maintenance plan. Ultimately, you want to make sure you don’t select a product with a pile height that will not suit your needs. The solution? Contact NewGrass. Our staff can steer you in the right direction.

Weight and Density

The most realistic looking artificial grass products have greater density.This simply means they contain more yarn fibers per square foot than other grasses. Therefore, dense artificial grass looks realistic, much mors than products with lower density.As such, they are perfect for high traffic areas. Dense artificial grass can really take a beating. if you have kids, pets, or have a commercial space with lots of foot traffic, dense artificial grass is the way to go.

Of course, these products are more expensive too, so keep that in mind, however, since artificial grass is a long term investment, dense products are the way to go. Of course, if budget is a concern, you may be able to go with another one of our products by using a different infill. Again, the best thing to do is reach out to one of our NewGrass specialists. They have the skills to deliver the best looking artificial grass without blowing your budget.

As for weight, that’s another consideration altogether. Dense turf weighs more so you need to be mindful. For instance, say you are installing dense artificial grass on a roof top condo. It is important to make sure the structure is able to handle the additional load. Again, our NewGrass staff can help you navigate these issues. Our products are part of installs all across the United States. Therefore, we can help you decide which turf is best for winter weather versus those suited best for arid climates.

Infill and Grass Backing

the main purpose of infill is to keep your artificial grass resilient, or “springy.” Popular choices are sand or crumb rubber infill. There are even infills designed to eliminate odor from pet waste. Speak with one of our staff for recommendations.

Now let’s spend a few minutes talking about artificial grass backing. It is extremely important and one of the reasons artificial grass looks realistic. While artificial grass is not living, it does expand and contract with the weather. Therefore, the right backing is essential. Basically, there are two types of backing, polyurethane and latex. The first does not expand or contract when the temperature changes. As such, it is perfectly suited for hot arid climates. Latex backing can expand by as much as 5-10mm. Don’t worry though. Since NewGrass can be found all over the US, we can help you choose an artificial grass with the perfect backing. The end result is the a real looking artificial lawn. Most will be unable to tell the difference!

Yarn Quality

As artificial grass has changed throughout the years, so has yarn quality. Early products were mad from nylon (think Houston Astrodome circa 1967). However, the nylon curled severely, resulting in a product that did not look very real. It was often a matted mess. The 1970s brought about polypropylene yarn. This actually made artificial grass look very real. The last biggest change in the 1990s saw the introduction of polyethylene yarn. The versatility of this new fiber results in a very realistic looking artificial grass product. In fact, NewGrass only uses products made exclusively with polyethylene fibers.


Finally, color is an important part of the equation. Cheaper artificial grass products will have a blade color that looks flat. Realistic looking artificial grass will have varied color. Honestly, this makes sense when you think about it. Most yards are green, but not one consistent, flat shade of green. The colors are varied. It speaks to a thriving, vibrant lawn. Artificial grass with varied color, blade length and thickness does the same. NewGrass even carries products with brown thatch fiber woven in, and secured, to the backing. As a result, our artificial grass looks realistic

NewGrass Artificial Grass Looks Realistic

So, if you are looking for the most real looking artificial grass products on the market, look to NewGrass. We have everything you need for your next install. Some of our grasses look like freshly cut lawns. Others resemble a yard that is a bit shaggy, but not too much. Though we are based in Fremont, California, we ship all over the United States. Contact us through our website or give us a call. We will be happy to provide samples.

Trust NewGrass to provide you with the most realistic looking artificial grass. Our products have been a part of the Dreamforce conventions every year. Also, look closely at the Google athletic field. The entire field is NewGrass. Furthermore, Park Here (a community event with pop up indoor parks in New York City every winter) features NewGrass products as well. We are very familiar with artificial grass commercial application. No matter how big or challenging, turn to NewGrass for the best looking artificial grass. Our customers will tell you NewGrass can help you get it covered.


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