Let’s face it, Sometimes growing natural grass just doesn’t work. There are so many factors involved to keep natural lawns green. And at NewGrass, we understand your pain. For instance, you could be dealing with:

  • Shady spots
  • Extreme heat
  • Hard ground
  • Desert conditions
  • Bad soil
  • Bug issues

Anyone of these things will make it very difficult to grow a natural lawn. Also, should you be lucky enough to root your sod, you have other issues to contend with. For instance, pesticides will definitely be needed if bugs were an issue before. If your grass lacks nutrients, fertilizers will be a constant maintenance cost for you. Then there is your water bill. Growing natural grass requires so much water. And, unless you have a sprinkler system, somebody has to do the watering.

Trouble Growing Natural Grass?

For those reasons, many consumers switch to artificial grass. There are surprising benefits to artificial grass too. It makes sense. Consider the following:

Environmentally Friendly

Seems like artificial grass is the way to go if you want to be eco-conscious. Honestly, it’s one of the best ways to do so. Why? Well, for starters it’s made from recycled products. This reduces landfill waste. In addition, the install lowers your water bill since artificial grass requires no watering.

Low Maintenance

This could really be the only reason you need to make the switch. Yes, artificial grass requires very little, if any maintenance. It will collect dust and debris so it might need an occasional spritz with a water hose. However, that’s it. So, those lawn mowers, weed eaters and other random pieces of lawn equipment you have? Sell them. That’s right, they are completely unnecessary. Also, think of the impact you make on the environment reducing greenhouse gases and pollution.

Return on Investment

Here’s a juicy artificial grass fact. After about six years or so, your yard pays you. That’s right, all of the money you spent begins to turn around and pay you back. So while your neighbors sweat it out, you will enjoy your lawn. Low maintenance, evergreen, always looking fantastic, yeah, that sort of thing. And, since most artificial lawns well outlast their warranty, you could reap returns for quite some time!

The Drought factor

Finally, there is one other consideration you need to keep in mind. The drought factor. That’s right, if you live in an arid state or any location that receives infrequent rain, drought conditions are an issue. In fact, the state of California has imposed permanent mandatory water restrictions for municipalities due to recurring drought conditions.

Yet, is this a problem for natural lawn owners? If you enjoy brown grass, no. However, if you like green, give up growing natural grass. Remember, watering restrictions are so tight they really don’t allow for natural lawns to thrive. If you want a green space, you will either have to pay someone to paint your lawn or make the switch. Seems like many homeowners and commercial project managers are switching to artificial grass.

So it’s easy to see why artificial grass is the alternative to growing natural grass in the face of drought. And, for the most part, people take watering restrictions in stride. Today, we are more water conscious and conservation minded than previous generations. Consequently, artificial grass supports that mindset.

In fact, it is one of the most eco-conscious decisionss you can make. By installing artificial grass, you are doing your part to conserve water. In addition, you are doing your part to protect the environment since artificial grass is often made from recycled material. Furthermore, since lawn equipment is not necessary, you are reducing pollution with every bit of artificial grass you install.

Will My Artificial Grass Look Real?

So now that the practical and environmental benefits have been addressed, let’s tackle authenticity. Most consumers want to know how real artificial grass looks. Typically, this is because the only grass they remember is the old Astroturf used in the Houston Astrodome. That stuff looked horrible because it was only designed to cushion players knees keeping them from injury (and it didn’t really do a great job at that).

As a result, it did not look very real. Thankfully today, there are numerous products on the market and technology is much better. At NewGrass, we vet our sources down to the ingredients used in our product yarn. What does this mean for you? Essentially, you get the most realistic looking artificial grass on the market. Our grass features very blade links, colors and thicknesses.We don’t and won’t ever sell poor quality artificial grass.

And when you think about it, that’s essential because it’s what you are used to with your own lawn. No two blades of grass are alike, therefore artificial grass products must match that to trick your eye into seeing one uniform green space. The other thing our products have is a brown or golden thatch fiber woven into our products to resemble your natural lawn.

After all, if you look at your natural lawn it’s not completely green. There are dead grass blades woven  in and out as a layer of thatch. As such, we put colored yarns in our products to resemble the type of lawn your eye sees every day. The end result is people often like artificial grass better than their natural lawn for several reasons.

Transform Your Space with NewGrass

For one, artificial grass is vibrant and colorful. Next, it remains evergreen with little to no maintenance. And finally, the returns they will reap make ditching their natural lawn same, well natural.

So if you are considering artificial grass, contact us today. We have the products you need to make your space stand out. NewGrass works with all types of commercial property owners and developers. And, if you have a residential space that needs attention, we have a product to suit that too. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this post and we will get back with you shortly. We look forward to seeing how we can best exceed your expectations!

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