Synthetic grass is great for more than just residential properties. Artificial grass brightens commercial spaces too. Commercial properties may use them to upgrade, improve and add value. NewGrass works with many commercial project managers to provide a permanent green space solution. Plus, you are not limited to just outdoor applications. Installing artificial grass for indoor spaces on commercial projects opens up a myriad of design options.

Artificial grass is versatile and innovative. Also, it positions and presents your company in a new light. Finally, the return on investment is too good to ignore. After this post, artificial grass will be a go to option for your next commercial project. The reality? Artificial grass brightens commercial spaces. Let’s unpack this a bit further.

Same Benefits Apply to Commercial Uses

Of course, the same artificial grass benefits apply to commercial applications too. Low-maintenance landscape means saying goodbye to noisy lawnmowers and other types of lawn equipment frequently used to keep commercial lawns manicured and pristine. It is one of the few permanent solutions to a recurring problem, noise pollution! Plus,artificial grass is extremely low maintenance!

Say Goodbye to Watering

Also, remember, artificial grass requires no water. Sure, you may need to spray down occasionally to remove dust and waste if you have pets, but other than that you are in the clear. No more weekend marathons watering your line to keep it green, lush and healthy.

As well, this speaks to a huge win for water conservation. People today (especially California residents) are a lot better today at conserving water. In the past, drought restrictions had everybody grumbling about water use. Now, we are more conscious as a nation. Water is limited to rainfall amounts and ground water supplies. If we tap those resources too much, they deplete before supplies replenish. Artificial grass helps in this regard because watering is so minimal.

All you have to do is spray it off every now and then to remove dust, dirt and debris. This keeps your grass free of allergens so health is not an issue. It also shows off the vibrant green color even more.

No More Pesticides or Fertilizers

Speaking of healthy, say goodbye to fertilizers and pesticides too. This is an aspect many people forget about. Artificial grass contains no bugs because the environment is not suitable for them to propagate. Therefore, pesticides and fertilizers are no issue. Even better? They don’t end up in our waterways.

Eco-Conscious Company Image

And, consider this. Artificial grass presents your business as progressive and forward thinking. There’s no more serious eco-conscious statement than artificial grass. Installing some at your commercial property shows where you stand on the issue. Plus, it shows you’re serious about your property looking fantastic.

Daily foot traffic won’t be a problem for your artificial lawn. It will still look just as fantastic 10 years from now as the day it was installed. That’s a side benefit of artificial grass. Most of them Outlast their warranties by several years. Of course, no grass manufacturing company can guarantee that, but since new glasses made from quality, durable ingredients, it wears very well. Look at this 10 year anniversary example for instance. This consumers yard features our products, and looks just as good 10 years after the fact as the day it was installed.

Artificial Grass Brightens Commercial Spaces Indoors

However, artificial grass doesn’t just look great outside. Consider using it indoors for your commercial projects as well.

Conference/Board Rooms

An artificial grass wall makes a grand statement piece to clients and conferencing boardrooms. It’s a fun option to take the edge off of tough negotiations. Plus, you might find it works to your advantage. Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside evokes a feeling of clam and comfort. Level heads free of brain fog negotiate better.

Public Indoor Spaces

Also, try carpeting a public indoor space with artificial grass. It’s a cost-efficient move that makes a phenomenal first impression. After all, let’s be honest. Most offices are boring, sterile and generic. Putting artificial grass inside says a lot about your business personality. It’s a fun way to engage customers in a surprising way they may not have been expecting from you.

Office Walls

Why not cover an office wall with artificial grass? It instantly creates a fun perky environment for staff and executives alike. Plus, you could mount super fun things to the wall to make it more engaging. Artificial grass on a wall tells clients you are hands on and forward thinking. They make great backdrops for games like dart boards or basketball hoops. What a fun way to liven up a staff meeting!

Also, it showcases your creativity, makes a space feel relaxing, and brightens up any atmosphere with its natural look. So, consider artificial grass for your next commercial project. NewGrass has one of the best selections the industry has to offer. Furthermore, our products feature some of the latest technology.

For instance, some of our products feature Cool Blade technology. This keeps artificial grass cool in intense heat. Older artificial grass products have a tendency to heat up as the temperature increases. Cool Blade means you can walk barefoot on a lawn without scorching your feet. So those company picnics? Kick off shoes and sandals with no problems!

Also, our UV coating ensures artificial grass won’t fade. It will look just as green years later with no fading or other type of color deterioration. Yet another way artificial grass brightens commercial spaces. And did we mention how real it looks? NewGrass products are some of the best on the market. Contact us for free samples. You will notice the difference right away.

Choose NewGrass to Brighten Your Next Space!

So choosing NewGrass means your artificial grass will stay cool in the heat of summer and won’t fade over time. NewGrass is the answer for commercial applications of any sort. We work with many commercial developers, HOAs, resorts and construction companies across the United States. Contact us today. We can go over options and help you choose the best product to suite your project needs. Artificial grass brightens commercial spaces and NewGrass has the right grass for you!

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