With the heat of summer here, we’re sure to again hear one of the annual arguments against fake grass: that it tends to get hotter than natural turf under hot sun. Not if you have NewGrass with cool blade technology. Here’s why.

While that’s true, as NewGrass® has reported before, it’s also true that synthetic grass blades cool down rapidly when lawn are covered, put under shade, or watered even a little.

One study, Evaluation of the Environmental Effects of Synthetic Turf, found that, “rapid cooling of the fibers was noted if the sunlight was interrupted or filtered by clouds. Water applied to synthetic fibers in quantities as low as one ounce per square foot, brought about significant cooling.

Hence, the constant chatter you hear about synthetic grass being hot is just a myth. Furthermore, this is especially true if you are using a NewGrass product with Cool Blade Technology.

It’s also true that synthetic grasses installed with eco-friendly infill become less hot on average compared with crumb rubber. The Penn State Center for Sports Surface Research reported those findings in its Synthetic Turf Heat Evaluation Progress Report.

Cool Blade Technology Makes all the Difference

Bringing even greater comfort to homeowners, NewGrass is unveiling new varieties. Each one contains a special blend of yarns guaranteed to be less hot under intense summer heat.

“When combined with an eco-friendly infill rather than traditional crumb rubber, NewGrass keeps its cool. Our newest varieties, Supreme and Ultra, contain Cool Blade Technology. Furthermore, these varieties reduce surface heat up to 30 percent,” noted our NewGrass president.

Just as with all NewGrass®, our Cool Blade yarns:

  • Resemble the look and feel of natural grass
  • Don’t need watering, weeding, or fertilizing
  • Are skin-friendly and UV stable
  • Require extremely low maintenance to remove debris and keep the blades lifted

The advantages of NewGrass with Cool Blade are even greater with certain infills. For instance, ZeoFill and Cool Blade technology pack a one two punch. Safe infill and cool grass. It does not get much better than that!.

The debate over the safety of crumb rubber is wages. Hence, environmental groups, concerned-parent organizations, the rubber industry have strong opinions. But some cities – and NewGrass – argue that caution is the best path and advocate for the use of alternative infills.

However, NewGrass has confidence because of two things. First, we do our homework. Second, we stay up to date with industry trends and research. So if you have questions about synthetic grass, please reach out. You can contact us via the form on our site. Also, feel free to give us a call. We would love to explain the benefits of our synthetic grass products with Cool Blade technology. We have so many to suit your budget and taste!

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