One of the great things about NewGrass® artificial lawn is how many uses people seem to find for it.

Sure, NewGrass® is still most popular as the eco-friendly, water-wise alternative to sod grass for residential landscaping. But NewGrass® also has been used in portrait studios, on inner-city rooftop terraces and for trade show displays, to name just a few different kinds of applications that are as smart in use as they are smart-looking.

San Francisco portrait photographer Jeffrey Alexander said he chose NewGrass® to simulate real grass in his studio after experimenting for years with other options, including sod grass and carpeting.

Neiman Marcus and JC Penney designers have also chosen NewGrass® for their studio.

NewGrass® is often chosen over natural turf by studio photographers for two simply reasons. First, they live and work in areas that don’t have a dependable supply of soft, green sod grass in the middle of winter. Second, NewGrass® is a no-muss, no-fuss, easy-to-set up and totally reusable alternative to real grass for studio photography.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. used NewGrass® as the floor covering for a recent trade show display to show off spring designs.

The TV show Dinner & a Movie used NewGrass® synthetic lawn to help transform a barren downtown rooftop into an attractive outdoor living space.

“NewGrass® is a great choice for a rooftop terrace,” said company president Greg Goehner. “Even when it’s wet, after a rain or snowfall, a NewGrass installation won’t impact a building with standard weight-being limitations.”

The rate at which NewGrass drains water are one reason it’s safe for rooftops and terraces. The fact that its Premium Rye and Rye varieties look great even without an infill are another reason, Goehner said.

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