Fort Worth, Texas – NewGrass® synthetic lawn has again proven to be the perfect solution for a unique landscape challenge, this time helping transform a barren downtown rooftop into an attractive outdoor living space for the TBS television show Movie & A Makeover.

The Movie & A Makeover episode featuring NewGrass® artificial grass airs on TBS this Saturday, June 7, at 12:45 p.m. ET.

Every week, Movie & A Makeover features family-oriented movies and all kinds of makeovers. The projects range from fashion and beauty tips to dramatic home and garden projects, like the one this Saturday. Jungle2Jungle is the movie that will accompany the makeover of an Atlanta rooftop that includes NewGrass®.

During the episode, host Mia Butler and designer Brian Patrick Flynn work their makeover magic on an Atlanta rooftop. The space goes from being empty, industrial and uninviting to being comfortable, green and attractive outdoor entertaining center. In fact, it becomes a space the whole neighborhood will use.

“Synthetic grass on a rooftop is the perfect way to evoke a park-like outdoor feeling ten stories up in the heart of downtown,” Flynn said. “Brands such as NewGrass® are self-draining, fade-resistant and require no maintenance. So you get the look and feel of fresh cut lawn without all the hassle.”

NewGrass® is the artificial grass of choice when being water-wise and environmentally conscious are as important as adding year-round outdoor living space to a home or commercial property. It is certified 100% eco-friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to recycle at no cost to the customer at the end of the product’s useful life.

NewGrass® has been featured on Bob Vila and Fine Living TV’s American Shopper, and will soon be featured in a special “green” episode of Designing Spaces.

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