So here we go. NewGrass helps New Yorkers again in the most unique way! This time, NewGrass will be a feature of Park Here. Because who couldn’t use a 0.1-acre temporary indoor pop-up park in the Nolita neighborhood near Little Italy and Chinatown?

Created by Openhouse Gallery, the park opened on Dec. 5th.  RS Fest, the ultimate music festival by Rolling Stone, kicked it off. Consequently, it will stay open until Feb. 15th. This indoor respite from harsh winter weather looks like Central Park in the spring.

Expect to find blossoming foliage, lifelike murals and — of course — a plush lawn! That’s right, NewGrass helps New Yorkers relax with artificial grass.

NewGrass Helps New Yorkers Beat Winter via Park Here

Don’t take our word for what a great space this is. Read New York Times journalist Ariel Kaminer wrote it.

“It shouldn’t fool anyone,” Kaminer wrote. “And yet it does: office workers looking for a break, couples looking for each other’s arms, the daily yoga class in the corner and, of course, the inevitable stroller brigade, all just relaxing and playing and letting down their guard in a way they would never do if the fake foliage was not there.”

NewGrass is the fake grass of choice when being environmentally friendly as important as providing a safe groundcover for pets, children and wildlife.

“Which explains why NewGrass is increasingly finding a home in parks, schools, backyards and playgrounds,” NewGrass President says. “And we’re especially proud to continue to help the people of New York City enjoy a safe, green lawn year-round.”

NewGrass is also proud to be in the company of other great contributors to Park Here, including Fatboy USA, Magic Murals, American Foliage and Santa Maria Novella.

“It was a true collaboration producing great results,” according to the NewGrass president.

Park Here is in fact only the most recent public use of NewGrass in the Big Apple. This summer, NewGrass artificial grass was used in the “larger than life” promotion for The Smurfs Movie in Columbus Circle.

Last fall, NewGrass eco-friendly fake lawn was selected to landscape a rooftop patio of Trump Place, one of the city’s swankiest high rises. Look closely on the runways during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and you will find it there.

Earlier in the year, NewGrass® synthetic lawn was on public display in the middle of Times Square, in conjunction with a citywide public art project in which it was used to provide a natural-looking ground cover in a symbolic and temporary “town common.”

Would You Like NewGrass to Help You?

Previously, NewGrass appeared in the window display of the Ralph Lauren flagship store on tony Madison Avenue. Another way NewGrass helps New Yorkers, albeit to spend money.

As synthetic turf, NewGrass installs permanently or temporarily. In the ski town of Vail, Colo., NewGrass converted a winter ice skating rink into a grassy outdoor recreation site for summer use. If you have an idea about artificial grass, please contact us. Because NewGrass helps new Yorkers as well as people from every state! We have the perfect product for you!

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