They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. If it is, then all you might need to persuade yourself to choose an artificial lawn for your yard is to picture your yard with a new synthetic lawn against your existing turf yard in the off season – or against your neighbor’s lawn any time of year.

Perhaps the most common reason to consider an artificial lawn is because it can give you a beautiful, fade-resistant and maintenance-free lawn anywhere. This is especially true when you install one of the new-generation, high-quality artificial grasses like NewGrass™ from Scottsdale-based NewGrass, Inc.

A synthetic lawn can fit perfectly in the middle of the desert, in a busy city center or in suburbia. It works on a large residential thoroughfare or a quiet cul-de-sac.

  • Not having to maintain a lawn anymore is usually the biggest selling point. Caring for a traditional lawn requires so much hassle and expense. Many homeowners have other reasons to get rid of the time and aggravations of upkeep that a turf yard demands.
  • Maybe you like to travel – or your business requires you to be away from home. Many people choose an artificial lawn because they can leave home for as long as they want and not worry about whether their grass will survive. They don’t need to worry about setting sprinkler settings or having their lawn maintained while they’re out of town.
  • Maybe your health or age doesn’t allow you to put the time and energy into yard upkeep. Many NewGrass™ customers say they choose an artificial lawn simply because they want to put more of their valuable time and energy into tasks they enjoy more than taking care of a turf lawn.
  • Many homeowners choose synthetic grass simply because they consider it more environmentally responsible than having a natural-turf lawn in arid or drought-plagued regions of the United States. Artificial grass does not need to be watered, fertilized, mowed or treated with pesticides. Environmentalists and a growing number of water conservation organizations and cities endorse synthetic lawns because they save water and also have the benefit of not requiring pesticides.
  • Many homeowners and commercial property owners choose synthetic grass because they get tired of their dogs ruining their natural turf yards. The new-generation artificial grasses are incredibly close to the real thing – and dogs and kids agree! NewGrass™, for example, has been selected for its pet runs by three of the most recognized pet resorts in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

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