NewGrass is excited to be featured in an upcoming magazine supplement to four Northern California newspapers offering water-saving suggestions for landscaping in a time of ongoing drought. Seems like water wise artificial grass could be the answer.

In fact, one suggestion for water-wise landscaping offered by Gold Country Media reporter Jonathan Brines is to replace “real lawn with a polyethylene turf.” Brines then focuses on NewGrass artificial lawn, which has blades of 100 percent polyethylene.

Water Wise Artificial Grass: NewGrass in the News!

Brines points out that NewGrass Rye and Fescue products “mimic natural grass thatching.” In addition, it “feels real, needs no watering. And finally, it holds up to heat or cold and is totally recyclable. The pad is 90-percent-soy based which is natural and supports farmers.”

Brines interviewed our NewGrass President for the article after learning about the five-year-old company during an online search. After watching a video of Bob Vila on our website featuring a NewGrass installation he called for an interview.

NewGrass is sold and installed internationally through a network of qualified, properly licensed representatives. For instance, NewGrass Landscape & Design is one. Incidentally, they serve the same communities as Gold Country Media.

Four newspapers that Gold Country Media publishes and distributes in the Sacramento area will feature homes. Specifically, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills and Folsom will be part of the publication. The magazine releases the week of June 17.

Artificial Grass Makes a Difference During Drought

The article notes three years of drought in Northern California have forced cities to impose water restrictions. In total, reduction amounts equal 20-percent. Water wise artificial grass can help.

Some cities, including Sacramento, have imposed fines and now restrict watering to certain days of the week. Other cities, such as Roseville, offer rebates for removing and replacing water-thirsty sod grass and plants that are not drought-tolerant. Roseville’s Cash for Grass program pays $1 for every square foot of lawn converted to water-smart landscaping.

Sadly, Brines also notes that despite ongoing drought conditions, Californians have an addiction to water. Water wise artificial grass is the answer. Contact us today and see how we can impact your landscape!

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