PHOENIX, Ariz. – Thanks to NewGrass™, one upscale pet resort can keep its sprawling expanse of outdoor lawn sanitized without worrying about killing it.

“We use hospital-grade disinfectant, and we use a lot of it now that we have NewGrass™,” said Melissa Lidberg, an owner of Boulder Falls Pet Resort in west Phoenix. “The disinfectant has no effect on the new lawn at all,”

Before it installed NewGrass™ earlier this year, Boulder Falls tried to maintain natural turf grass on its 4,000-square-foot play area. It was a losing battle.

“First of all, with 70 to 80 dogs running on it three times a day – and up to 90 dogs during the holidays – there was just no way we could keep it to more than a bunch of dirt with a little grass,” Lidberg said.

Worse, when she and her staff would apply disinfectant to the area, it would either just soak deep into the dry dirt or damage what little lawn was able to grow and withstand the punishment of her canine guests.

“With our synthetic grass, it’s much more effective,” Lidberg said of the disinfectant. “And we’ve seen no effects of it on the grass at all.”

That’s just one bonus of NewGrass™ for Boulder Falls, Lidberg said.

Because NewGrass™ is now installed where there was once mostly dirt and some scruffy grass, much less standing water accumulated during the rainy season in a depressed area of the yard that lies up against the main building, Lidberg said.

That’s a good thing, because the standing water bred bacteria on the rocks used as rip-rap at the foot of the building.

The resort has also next to no mud and dirt being tracked inside since it installed NewGrass™, which means less time and money spent keeping the walkways and inside areas clean.

“Where the synthetic grass is now, in the rainy season we just had mud,” Lidberg said. “You take 4,000 square feet of dirt, and put a lot of rain on it, and you get a lot of mud.”

The other added benefit of NewGrass™ is that Boulder Falls is even more proud of showing itself off to visitors and potential customers than ever before.

“People see a bright green patch of play area for their dogs, and that’s a lot more attractive than a big dirt bowl out there,” Lidberg said. “We saw the benefits of the synthetic grass immediately.”

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