SANTA MONICA, Calif. – NewGrass® synthetic lawn will be underfoot for one of the major events associated with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, being held this Sunday in Los Angeles.

So NewGrass Landscape & Design has installed more than 1,200 square feet of NewGrass artificial grass in the expansive lounge area of the seventh annual Grammy Style Studio, said Larry Reno, district manager for NewGrass Landscape & Design, based in Southern California. The studio will have many synthetic lawn benefits.

In addition, NewGrass continues to be the artificial grass of choice for high end installs. therefore, you can find NewGrass on TV shows, luxury apartments, corporate athletic fields and other places. Seems like high end artificial grass is quite popular. And  no wonder, look at the benefits artificial grass has to offer.

Synthetic Lawn Benefits: Beyond the Grammys

Low Maintenance

What if you never had to cut grass again? This is just one of many synthetic lawn benefits. No more lawn mowers, weed eating or edging. That’s right, just sit on your front porch and watch your neighbor cut grass. The only maintenance artificial grass needs is an occasional spritz with a water hose.


Furthermore, artificial grass is the environmentally friendly choice. Installing it reduces the amount of pesticides that end up in our water supply. Also, say goodbye to herbicides as well. Neither are required for artificial grass. So your kids and pets won’t come inside with bug bites or an itchy allergy rash.

Water Wise

So this is probably one of the most meaningful synthetic lawn benefits. Artificial grass requires no watering to stay green. Try that with natural grass and you’ll end up with a large brown spot. Yet, it’s more than just aesthetics. Installing artificial grass conserves water. So much so that cities nationwide offer artificial grass rebates.

Make Music with NewGrass, Figuratively of Course

Whatever your high end commercial project, NewGrass can help. We have the best products in the industry. Also, we ship nationwide. So contact us today and let’s outfit your high end space. Luxury and NewGrass go hand in hand for quality and aesthetics. Remember, synthetic grass is NewGrass. You won’t find any better.

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