The most obvious uses of synthetic grass are becoming clear. Seems like they conserve water, reduce fertilizers, pesticides, and eliminate yard work. In return, you get a natural-feeling lawn year-round. Therefore, synthetic grass answers problems found in backyards, front yards, play areas, kennels and commercial landscaping.

But inventive customers of NewGrass® synthetic grass have discovered novel uses for our products. Examples range from architecture to interior design to very practical urban uses.

Synthetic Grass Answers Unique Design Challenges

To begin with, synthetic lawns find uses as inspired covering for patios, walls, signage, and even ceilings. For instance, one Los Angeles restaurant hangs fake-grass panels from the ceiling to cover duct work. Another LA foodie spot uses synthetic grass as a background for external signage.

As part of creating a casual atmosphere, Skype’s corporate headquarters did it right. The Palo Alto, California home base features several small park-like settings. The kicker? These are indoors, compete with synthetic lawn, wood lawn chairs, and benches.

In Amsterdam, synthetic grass answers design challenges for Google. Seems like the interior office design is inspired by the area’s cultural history and visual landscape. So it includes things like small 1960s motor vans that serve as meeting rooms. In addition, faux-roadside settings include synthetic grass as part of the design scheme.

So these are great examples of why NewGrass® is suits small, indoor spaces. And, it can be either permanent or temporary. Our NewGrass president confirms, “NewGrass can install nearly anywhere. And because it doesn’t require dirt or watering, it’s very lightweight and incredibly clean.”

Other Design Uses for NewGrass

Internationally, NewGrass® has is used for PARK(ing) Day. This is an annual worldwide event. Artists, designers and neighbors transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

To quote our NewGrass president over Parking Day: “It’s very gratifying to see temporary use of NewGrass®  in PARKING(ing) Day creating small public spaces in urban areas,”

In bustling New York City synthetic grass answers floor covering issues. Soaked is a skyscraper-topping, outdoor bar atop the Mondrian SoHo hotel featuring synthetic grass as a design element. Elsewhere in Gotham, NewGrass® has been the ground cover of Park Here. This is a 0.1-acre temporary indoor pop-up park in Manhattan.

In Atlanta, the producers of the TV show Movie and a Makeover used synthetic grass. They replicated a backyard patio complete with lawn on an Atlanta rooftop using NewGrass®. So we’re very proud to learn how designers, urban planners and homeowners use NewGrass® to solve design challenges. In addition they use our products to solve environmental challenges too. Consequently, this makes life make life more interesting a lot more livable!

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