As Americans, we love our lawns. They provide us with a place to gather, play and relax. Lawns are central to the American way of life. Yet, they are a lot of work too, particularly when shade is introduced. If you have trees in your yard then you know the struggle is real. Grass needs sunlight to grow. You might need a solution for shade. Why?

A lack of sun in the lawn equation means a lot of dirt under those nice large trees you are so fond of. And while dirt is not a huge issue, after a good rain you are left with a muddy mess. Children and animals seem magnetically drawn to these spots in your yard and before you know it, furniture and carpet in the house get an outdoor makeover. Mud is all over the place.

So what to do? There are types of grass that grow in shade, but getting them installed and set can be tricky. Plus, most of the time they end up looking more like ground cover than grass and beyond that, the maintenance aspects are costly and time consuming. What you need is a solution for shade. One that works. The best answer? Synthetic grass.

Why Synthetic Grass is the Best Solution for Shade

Think about it. Synthetic grass is not affected by extreme temperature variations, stays green and requires no watering. There are other benefits too. Let’s take a closer look.

No more fighting. It takes work to keep grass growing with lackluster sunlight. The battle is constant. Synthetic grass takes the fight away. Instead of wondering how long your grass will last, you can admire it all year long. So put the fertilizer and special care instructions to rest. Then enjoy the view. It’s much better than a huge bare spot.

Economical. While it may cost a bit more initially to install synthetic grass, long term cost savings are your friend. You might realize them quicker than you think too. Consider how much money you would need to spend on maintaining that particular problem area of your lawn. Synthetic grass as a solution for shade is a one time investment that will pay you back for years to come.

Beyond saving money, your new problem spot will save your most precious asset, time. Would could take hundreds of hours of maintenance in special care and attention throughout the year instantly vanishes when you install synthetic grass as a solution for shade. Between the money and time, the investment just makes sense.

Evergreen Enjoyment. Imagine looking out over a space that was once a bare eye sore and seeing lush green grass. Now imagine that is all you will see every single time you cast a glance toward that spot. It almost sounds too good to be true. To us, it sounds like the perfect solution for shade.

Pest Prevention. Bugs tend to thrive in shady spots. The cooler temperatures carry humidity and  create a moist environment. Both of these act as flashing neon lights in your yard. Shady spots are pest rich environments. Addressing the problem with synthetic grass takes away the incentive for pests to thrive. The lack of moisture and nutrients will force them to move elsewhere for survival. The shady spot can become your own pest free haven.

At this point in the process you may have a few questions, especially if you are new to synthetic grass. After all, your solution for shade may have been traditional lawn care products until you read this post. Questions are okay. We have the answers whether you are curious about how realistic the final product will look or what your return on investment might be.

NewGrass Consult: The Best Way to Tackle the Problem


The blade length and texture of our Summer Fresh product make it a great shady spot solution.

The best way to get every question answered is easy. Give us a call. We will give you a free consultation. During the consult we will take time to fully understand your project needs and answer any questions you may have.

Our staff can pair your existing lawn with one of our synthetic grass products to create a complementary look. The final project will work together with your lawn to create a cohesive space that pops with curb appeal. We have four different products to choose from. They are:

Native Lush. This is your choice if you are looking for the most realistic grass possible. This is a full bodied product that will last for years. You won’t be disappointed.

Premium Natural. This type is durable and requires no infill. This is the multipurpose solution for high traffic areas and pets. You can rest assured your new lawn will still look new and fresh for years to come.

Summer Fresh. Choose this grass for a lawn that looks kept, but not freshly mowed. More natural in length and appearance, this four blade blend is a stand out. Various lengths and textures create the final appearance.

Ultra Soft. This grass has the tallest blade length and is very dense. It is the perfect answer for areas that receive low traffic. Once installed, it will have a nice long lifespan.

Get a Free Consult for Your Shade Problem

Each type is unique and has its own special qualities to bring the kind of character to your yard you would expect from real grass. And remember, no matter which particular type you choose, you will get the same incredible low maintenance experience, regardless, after installation. It’s the nature of synthetic grass!

Speaking of, our install team is professional and experienced.They will get the job done right and make sure you understand what is going to happen before it happens. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We will work to keep you informed and satisfied.

Furthermore, our products come with a 15 year warranty, and we stand behind it. If you want to play it cool in the shade, synthetic grass by NewGrass is the answer. Contact us today and let’s start transforming your space. We have the solution for your shady eye sore, and the rest of your yard too.


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