When stories broke last year about potentially unhealthy levels of lead in some synthetic grass playing fields, NewGrass® synthetic lawns took the matter seriously. NewGrass® looked at our own products and tested the. Our findings speak for themselves. After all, we take selling artificial grass seriously.

Selling Synthetic Grass: NewGrass and Safety

NewGrass® has always taken seriously its mission to be the synthetic grass of choice when being water-wise and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy year-round. Environmental responsibility was one reason (even before the lead scare) NewGrass® stopped selling synthetic grass made with nylon blades. Instead, our blades are 100% polyethylene. In addition, like New York City, NewGrass® believes it’s safer to avoid crumb rubber infill.

From the get-go, NewGrass® wanted a synthetic grass that not only conserves water and reduces lawn maintenance, but is also truly earth-friendly. In addition, it needed to be durable and able to withstand searing California heat. For example, it wanted NewGrass® to be recyclable. The company knew that nylon was an impediment to having a truly recyclable and bio-degradable product.

That is one of the reasons NewGrass® has blades of 100% polyethylene fiber. Polyethylene is a recyclable product. NewGrass® believes polyethylene also makes a more durable and more attractive fake grass than nylon fibers.

The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS) found potentially unhealthy levels of lead dust in some synthetic grass playing fields . When discovery was made, the federal Centers for Disease Control issued a health advisory. The CDC did not confirm the findings, but it did expand on them.

The CDC stressed the New Jersey study “indicated” potentially unsafe levels of lead dust were only present in athletic fields containing old fake grass. Other culprits were those frequently exposed to the weather. This occurs because the blades break down into dust as the fibers wear.

CDC Confirms NewGrass Position

However, the CDC went further and issued a follow-up statement that underscored the commitment by NewGrass® to environmental responsibility. In addition, it further validated our choice to use only polyethylene fibers in synthetic grass production. The CDC said New Jersey studies indicated that nylon or nylon/polyethylene blend fake grass contained “levels of lead that pose a potential public health concern.” That was something we definitely wanted to steer clear of. We have a responsibility to the consumer at the end of the day.

Our NewGrass president had this to say. “We’ve always taken the responsible approach. It’s our mission. The fact that poly lawn is lead-safe is not why we chose it in the first place. But it’s indicative of how we do business.” The bottom line is selling synthetic grass is serious business. At NewGrass, we take our product and process serious. It’s how we have been doing business for 12 years and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

So if you are looking for quality synthetic grass, look no further. NewGrass has the products you need to create safe, permanent green spaces. Furthermore, you will enjoy them year round. No health concerns, quality products, that’s the NewGrass way. All you need to do is contact us. You can fill out or contact form or give us a call. Honestly, we would love to hear from you. Samples are available upon request and our customer service is second to none. Get in touch and let us show you why we are making a difference nationwide.

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