NewGrass® artificial grass, which is increasingly recognized as the eco-friendly synthetic lawn for home and commercial landscaping, is now earning a reputation as a superior no-water lawn for athletic fields.

NewGrass Rye was recently installed on a 4,500-square-foot field at a new national-chain fitness center in suburban Denver. Not only are the members and management pleased with the look and feel of the lawn, local news media have also given it two thumbs up.

“The grass looked and felt great,” said Joana Canals, a certified fitness instructor and reporter for Fox television in Denver.

The field was installed by Mile High Synthetic Turf, an authorized NewGrass® distributor based in Brighton, Colo.

“We’re very proud of this job and one reason is that the grass has performed so well for the athletes,” said Bart Stoneback, owner of Mile High Synthetic Turf. “It really proves the range of uses for NewGrass lawns.”

Canals recently reported for Fox 31 about the SPARQ Training program that is conducted on the field of NewGrass Rye. SPARQ, which stands for speed, agility, reaction and quickness, uses technology and a smarter training approach to improve the performance of high school and other team athletes.

SPARQ Training includes a variety of tests on the waterless NewGrass field. Canals reported on the program as a group of high school football players went through the training, and she later did the training herself.

“You guys did a great job on the grass,” Canals told NewGrass®.

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