Fort Worth, Texas – With major new initiatives that improve its products and enhance customer care, NewGrass® has strengthened its commitment to being green in every sense of the word.

NewGrass®, the artificial grass solution when water conservation and being environmentally conscious are as important as having a green lawn year-round, is now Certified100% Eco-Friendly. From the way its synthetic lawns are manufactured to the way they are ultimately recycled many years later, NewGrass® is acting on a promise to be a truly earth-friendly company.

The NewGrass® Certified 100% Eco-Friendly Pledge is being launched with three basic components: changes in the way NewGrass® is made and installed, actively supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and pledging to properly recycle NewGrass® at the end of its life at no cost to the customer.

“NewGrass® has always been a water-conservation alternative, safe for children, wonderful for dogs and of course, never needed pesticides, so it’s always helped reduce ground water pollution,” said company President Greg Goehner. “But we believed we could do more. We want to offer an environmentally safe product and be more active as good stewards of the environment.”

Made with Renewable and Recycled Resources; Totally Recyclable
NewGrass® has a new backing that replaces over 90 percent of the oil-based compounds found on previous generations with bio-based compounds that are derived from domestically-grown soybeans – a renewable resource!

On the ground, the NewGrass® backing offers greatly improved drainage. This results in longer life for the backing, as well as for the grass blades and any infill. It also means faster and more consistent drainage, which is better for the aggregate base underneath a NewGrass® installation, as well as for the surrounding landscaping.

The blades of NewGrass® now incorporate post-consumer polyethyene. That makes them – and the entire product – 100 percent recyclable.

When it comes to installing its lawns, NewGrass® is now offering GreenFill, the only product developed specifically as infill for synthetic grass applications. GreenFill is a color-coated, clean and dust-free bead of environmentally safe and friendly silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is found naturally in various forms, including in quartz, opal, sand flint, and agate.

GreenFill’s unique coating clings to the tiny cracks in the silica and is chemically bonded to its surface. The result is an artificial grass infill that is very strong, sanitary, reusable and does not attract water (heightening its anti-microbial features).

The NewGrass® Carbon-Offset Pledge
For every square foot of NewGrass® installed, the company is making a donation to the Carbon Fund, a non-profit organization that is leading the fight against global-warming climate change.

These contributions further support the NewGrass® commitment to a safer, greener environment and the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Donations help the Carbon Fund promote climate change education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach. They also help NewGrass® actively reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition, every square foot of NewGrass® helps reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s because every NewGrass® installation means increased domestic soybean production, which in turn improves air quality by consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The NewGrass® Remove & Recycle Pledge
NewGrass® carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. But if a customer ever wants to take up their NewGrass® lawn at the end of its useful life, the company will remove it free of charge for recycling.

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