Fort Worth, Texas – NewGrass® is proud that the U.S. EPA recently accepted it as an Ally in the agency’s GreenScapes Alliance.

GreenScapes is a partnership program to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste and pollution. It encourages partner businesses, government agencies and other entities to make more holistic decisions regarding the use of the land, water, pesticides and energy.

GreenScapes promotes practices and products that meet consumers’ needs, but have better environmental profiles than current methods. NewGrass® synthetic lawn is exactly that kind of product, said company President Greg Goehner.

NewGrass® is the artificial grass of choice when water conservation and being environmentally conscious are as important as having a green lawn year-round. GreensScape’s goal is to help the public “find better yet flexible ways to conserve valuable natural resources, prevent pollution and be a voice for change in the industry.”

“NewGrass® is one of only a few synthetic grass companies to make this commitment,” Goehner said. “To us, being selected as an Ally with the EPA’s GreensScapes Alliance validates our commitment to being 100% eco-friendly.”

As a GreenScapes Ally, NewGrass® joins professional groups, trade associations, research organizations and product manufacturers or marketers nationwide working with their affiliated organizations to promote greater use of GreenScapes activities.

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