Fort Worth, Texas – As demand grows for green building materials, NewGrass® synthetic lawns have the potential to help builders and contractors obtain advantageous credits toward green building certification.

Buildings that are LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) obviously have marketing and public relations advantages in today’s eco-aware environment. In addition, they cost less to operate, have higher occupancy rates, enhance occupant health and increase return on investment, according to studies from the U.S. Green Building Council, which developed and manages the system.

NewGrass® is also proud to announce that it is a U.S. Green Building Council national member.

The Council’s LEED rating system has become the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance “green buildings.” The Council says the system gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance, including site development, water savings, energy efficiency and materials selection.

The LEED system defines the requirements to achieve prerequisites and voluntary points toward certification in several different categories, including New Construction and Major Renovations (a category for Homes is still under development, and the category for Schools is based on the New Construction ratings system).

With its EnviroCel™ backings, NewGrass® may contribute to total ratings under LEED credit for New Construction in the following categories:

  • Water Efficiency Credit 1.1. – Water Efficient Landscaping: reduce by 50%
  • Water Efficiency Credit 1.2 – Water Efficient Landscaping: no potable water use or no irrigation
  • Water Efficiency Credit 2.1 – Construction Waste Management: divert 50% from disposal
  • Materials & Resources Credit 2.2 – Construction Waste Management: Divert 75% from disposal
  • Materials & Resources Credit 3.1 – Materials Reuse: 5%
  • Materials & Resources 3.2 – Materials Reuse: 10%
  • Materials & Resources Credit 3.2 – Materials Reuse: 10%
  • Materials & Resources Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content: 10% (post-consumer plus ½ pre-consumer)
  • Materials & Resources Credit 4.2 – Recycled Content: 20% (post-consumer plus ½ pre-consumer)
  • Materials & Resources Credit 5.1 – Regional Materials: 10% extracted, processed and manufactured regionally
  • Materials & Resources Credit 5.2 – Regional Materials: 20% extracted, processed and manufactured regionally

It’s important to note that LEED ratings are based on project’s total point score, not only on its buildings materials. For example, under New Construction, the Water Efficiency Credit 1.1, for Water Efficient Landscaping, requires the entire project to reduce water use by 50%.
NewGrass® is proud to be an ally in the EPA’s GreensScape Program and the only artificial lawn that is Certified 100% Eco-Friendly, from the way it is manufactured to the company’s pledge to properly recycle any NewGrass® lawn at the end of its usable life, at no cost to the customer.

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