The recession might be behind us, but budget cutbacks and belt-tightening are still around. Seems like this is especially true for non-profit organizations and public entities. Schools, city departments and government agencies are feeling the crunch. Hence, the non-profit and public world need a cost saving option. .

Yet, it’s the same story if you’re a non-profit daycare center seeking to replace hard-dirt play areas.  Maybe you are a homeowners association desiring to beautify hard-to-maintain medians with a synthetic lawn. Finally, you could be a city with kids as a top priority. Consequently, you want pleasing grassy areas year-round, regardless of weather or climate.

Purchasing cooperatives can help. They offer benefits that may be more valuable now than ever.

An example is National Purchasing Partners (NPP). First of all, NPP is a group-purchasing organization (GPO). The purpose is for members to leverage the purchase of goods and services. Consequently, purchases yield the best price, terms and conditions. In addition, NPP negotiates with vendors on behalf of all of its members. This results in getting prices lower than any single member would be able to obtain individually. Finally, NPP offers its members the negotiated price.

As for NPP, they ensure vendors and pricing meet competitive bidding legal requirements. Ultimately, this savies bidding organizations time and money throughout the RFP process.

NewGrass® is proud to be one of those vendors. We’ve had a contract with NPP for nearly two years, and we are still the only synthetic lawn company operating with the organization.

Furthermore, this quote from our president says it perfectly. “NewGrass is a recognized leader in supplying artificial turf to non-profits. As such, our relationship with NPP will further that position.”

NewGrass: Synthetic Grass as a Cost Saving Option

In fact, NewGrass was thoroughly reviewed by NPP to ensure agreement their mission. NPP exists to provide members the highest quality products and most cost-effective price agreements in each of the product categories it offers.

Furthermore, we have a history of application for schoolyards and public areas. In fact, we are the fake grass of choice for businesses concerned about water conservation. Ultimately, they want to protect the environment and have more green space to enjoy year-round. In these instances, synthetic grass is a cost saving option. Therefore, they turn to us.

As a vendor with NPP, NewGrass helps cities, school districts and other public agencies improve the environment. How so? By reducing water consumption, pesticides and herbicide use. And while the economy is still in recession, our products provide a great cost saving option.

Contact NewGrass today to learn more about NPP and NewGrass pricing for NPP members. To become an NPP member, contact NPP at 800.810.3909 or email the organization [email protected].

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