New York, NY – NewGrass® artificial grass is expanding its footprint in New York City. Seems like they want NeewGrass on top of a rooftop patio of Trump Place. This is one of the city’s newest and most luxurious high rises. Also, it happens to be a runway for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And we think New York City artificial grass might be the next big thing!

“We’re thrilled that NewGrass® is finding growing acceptance in New York City and for such a wide range of uses,” said our NewGrass® President. “New York is one of our growing markets and we feel right at home there. Both projects are being landscaped by NewGrass New York.

In early June, NewGrass® synthetic lawn was on public display in the middle of Times Square. This New York city artificial grass install involved collaboration with a citywide public art project. We provided a natural-looking ground cover for a temporary “town common.”

Also, last summer, NewGrass(R) appeared in the window display of the Ralph Lauren flagship store on Madison Avenue. Of course, we always think Polo and artificial grass go well together!

New York City Artificial Grass: Next Stop Trump Plaza

Yet, Neither of these are a first for NewGrass®. For New York City artificial grass we are the choice for eco-friendly landscaping. Maybe that’s why producers of “Movie and a Makeover” keep us in mind. Seems like when they are in need, they call us.

Consequently, when they wanted to replicate a backyard patio complete with lawn on an Atlanta rooftop, NewGrass® was the solution. And they never had to water it!

In New York City and in downtown Atlanta, NewGrass® is perfect for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. First, NewGrass® evokes a natural, park-like, outdoor feeling. From a practical standpoint, NewGrass® is self-draining, fade-resistant, requires no maintenance and is lighter than natural sod.

“We’ve not had an instance yet in which standard residential or commercial construction needed any kind of supplemental support or changes to allow for the safe and approved installation of NewGrass®,” said our NewGrass president.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and NewGrass

Next week, NewGrass® will be on display covering some 200 feet of runway during the semi-annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The event is one of four major fashion weeks around the world including those in Paris, London, and Milan. And we are excited to be a part of them!

Earlier this year, NewGrass® was underfoot for one of the major events associated with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. There, NewGrass Landscape & Design, the largest California distributor of NewGrass® went to work. We installed more than 1,200 square feet of NewGrass® artificial grass. Look closely at Grammy Style Studio. You might see something familiar!

So with all the buzz about New York City artificial grass, the question is, What can NewGrass do for you? Drought tolerant, water-wise and beautiful, the possibilities are endless! So please, contact us today! We won’t disappoint you!

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