NewGrass® is growing rapidly in California – and for reasons as varied as the locations of the projects and the different needs that our eco-friendly artificial lawn meets.

Environmentally safe NewGrass® synthetic grass from NewGrass Landscape & Design is being chosen to meet landscaping and water-conservation challenges from the backyard of a patio home in Huntington Beach, south of Los Angeles, to the front yard of a single-family home in Petaluma, north of San Francisco.

Customers from Orange County to Sonoma County and places in between say they opted for fake grass – and specifically chose NewGrass artificial grass and NewGrass Landscape & Design – for reasons that range from simply being tired of mowing a natural sod grass to a desire to save water and cut down on their water bills.

“I’m old and can’t cut grass anymore, that’s why I went with fake grass,” said 80-year-old Joe Schneider of Tracy, Calif. In fact, Schneider had no lawn at all since he moved into his San Joaquin County home eight years ago.

“I had slow plans to fix up the yard, and then my daughter came to live with us and said we had to fix the yard up,” Schneider said of his home in the Central Valley.

Schneider said he chose NewGrass® because it was the “most prominent” faux grass to pop up in his Internet search.

Tom Brice, of Placentia also said ease of maintenance was why he chose waterless grass for his patio home.

“It’s simply a much better look for the maintenance it requires, that’s for sure,” Brice said of his Orange County home’s new landscaping.

Brice chose NewGrass® and NewGrass Landscape & Design primarily for the price.

“I bought the best one I could afford,” he said.

Water conservation and high water bills meanwhile persuaded Joni and Bob Dyson to choose artificial grass for their 1,300 square foot corner lot in San Mateo.

“Our lawn was shot, it needed to be re-sod, and with our water bill the way it was, and in the middle of a draught, it didn’t make any sense to us to spend the money for sod and irrigation, and then not be able to water it because of the draught.”

NewGrass® from NewGrass Landscape & Design allowed the Dysons to triple the size of their landscaped yard in the San Francisco Bay area, while also cutting their water bill. They’d already nearly stopped watering their lawn to save water and money.

The Dysons looked at other fake grass companies but were first impressed with the quick initial response from Larry Reno at NewGrass Landscape & Design and said they were sold on his professionalism, knowledge and concern for their unique needs.

“Our yard is a showcase now,” Bob Dyson said.

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