NewGrass earth friendly synthetic grass was selected for the Monday, July 25 2011 “larger than life” promotion of the The Smurfs Movie in Columbus Circle outside Central Park in New York City. The event featured a complete Smurf village, with NewGrass as part of the scene and stars such as Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria and Jayma Mays joining in with their blue friends.

The Smurfs Movie releases on July 29 of this week. The Smurfs are chased out of their animated village by the evil wizard Gargamel, As a result, they find themselves in New York City. Hence many live action sequences take place in the city. Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and New York City have called the week of July 25 to July 29 Smurf Week in honor of the small blue magical beings. Seems  like the Smurfs are really popular all of a sudden!

Earth Friendly Synthetic Grass: Beyond the Movie Stage

NewGrass is the natural choice for the event. Our products are eco-friendly, and child safe. Furthermore, they are versatile. “We are extremely excited to be part of Smurfs Week in New York City. Furthermore, our experience with the Grammy Awards and Super Bowl has advantages. It allow organizers to create beautiful, green spaces in any setting,” said our NewGrass® President.

Earth friendly synthetic grass has many uses. Hence, it is often a feature of parks, schools, backyards and playgrounds. Also, in 2011 NewGrass was selected by the NFL and Gatorade. It was part of the Super Bowl NFL Junior Training Camp. Honestly, we are proud to be a part!

NewGrass is a popular choice for outdoor spaces where children play because it’s eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials, helping to save resources such as water and eliminate fertilizer and pesticides, therefore avoiding chemical exposure for kids.

Purchasers Find Value Too

NewGrass is also popular with purchasers because of its value. Schools and parks can save money by reducing upkeep costs. NewGrass, lasting for years. Therefore, it pays for itself over time.

As a synthetic turf NewGrass installs permanently or temporarily for multipurpose areas. In Vail Colorado, an a winter ice skating rink converts to NewGrass for other uses in the summer. hence it is the same with the Smurfs. Once their visit to Columbus Circle is complete, NewGrass goes away. hence, the area returns to its regular activity.

Overall, by providing a safe, clean, and eco-friendly turf, NewGrass is great for fun with Smurfs and for play areas everywhere. So contact us if you are looking for synthetic grass. honestly, we have the best indutsry products. And, out staff would love to speak with you!

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