NewGrass is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. As such, we are proud to continue setting high standards in the synthetic grass industry.

“It’s important to NewGrass that the artificial grass industry grows responsibly.  In addition, consumers should expect professionalism from dealers and installers,” said our NewGrass President.

Responsibility and the Artificial Grass Industry

“This is going to be especially important as more cities impose water restrictions and offer rebates for synthetic lawn use. and a lot of fly-by-night companies will try to take advantage of consumers as a result,” said our NewGrass President.

Yet, NewGrass is sells internationally through a network of qualified representatives with proper licenses. Therefore, you can rest easy. All NewGrass representatives are properly licensed, insured and bonded. This happens according to the regulatory or legal entities of their locale, says our NewGrass President.

California, for example, requires any contractor doing an artificial grass industry install totaling $500 or more to maintain a state license. The $500 cost includes the grass, labor and installation materials. NewGrass Landscape & Design holds California Contractors License # 924382, for example.

However, the artificial grass industry, like most home improvement or service industries, does not have agreed standards, In addition there are no national or state guidelines for industry participants. But just as consumers evaluate a landscaper or carpenter before hiring them, they should also follow some good common-sense guidelines when it comes to hiring a synthetic lawn company, said our NewGrass President.

Six Standards for Artificial Grass Companies

These are in addition to understanding artificial grass itself.The Association of Synthetic Grass Installers lists six benchmarks that any professional installer should meet. NewGrass stands firmly behind these criteria. According to the ASGI’s advice, a reputable synthetic grass company or installer should:


First, provide proof of any required licenses, insurance and bonds.


Also, they should prove their experience with your type of project and site conditions.


In addition, they should be on the job site before, during and after the installation. This is true whether they do the work themselves or hire a sub-contractor. Also they should handle all unexpected changes or modifications promptly.


Furthermore, they need to provide you a complete set of all necessary documents, including change orders, in a timely manner.


Also, trained professionals know their products and installation systems. Furthermore, they use best-business practices and provide customer referrals.


Finally, staff need to be courteous, communicate clearly from start to finish, and give you a finished project that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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