NewGrass® is proud to announce it has been awarded a contract with National Purchasing Partners. This empowers NewGrass to offer non-profits and many others a cost-savings solution for synthetic turf purchases and installations. Seems like artificial grass group purchasing is a very good idea.

Artificial Grass Group Purchasing and NPP

NPP is a group-purchasing organization (GPO). Because of this, whose members join together to leverage purchases of goods and services. At stake are things like at best pricing, terms and conditions. Often, members receive prices lower than purchasing them separately.

In addition, NPP offers its members negotiated prices. Also, it assures they meet the legal requirements for competitive bidding through NPP. For these reasons and more, NewGrass is happy to partner with NPP.

We are the artificial grass of choice for people and businesses concerned with water conservation. In addition, NewGrass and protects the environment. Finally, we are a permanent evergreen solution. As such, NewGrass has a history of application for schoolyards and public areas.

Again, our NewGrass president says, “NewGrass is excited! We look forward to helping municipalities, school districts and other public agencies. We want to help them make a difference in their communities. As urgency mandates restrictions on water, artificial grass becomes more of a solution.”

Qualifying for Participation with NPP

NPP thoroughly reviews applicants to ensure they met the organization’s mission. In short, the mission is to provide members high quality products and cost-effective price agreements. And, we are always improving our product line.

Furthermore, there is no fee to NPP members to use their membership. Ultimately, it allows members to take advantage of NewGrass quality and pricing. Consequently, it will have a positive impact on our distributorships.

Contact NewGrass today to learn more about NPP and NewGrass pricing for NPP members. To become an NPP member, contact NPP at 800.810.3909 or email the organization CustomerService@myNPP.com. There is no time like now to take advantage. Artificial grass has so many benefits. Missing them would be a shame.

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