As we enter the dog days of summer, it’s easy to see the obvious choices for installing artificial grass ground covering. Using these instead of natural lawns is a better choice. First, they won’t wither under drought conditions. Second, the are unaffected by water restrictions. And finally, that shaded area that never grows? Seems like it’s not a problem with artificial grass. NewGrass products make the impossible, possible.

However, there are other areas artificial turf can play a big role too. In addition, they provide a great advantage year-round. No matter the climate or weather, artificial grass ground coverings can handle it. Think of places like balconies, rooftops,and  terraces. In addition, think of other architectural nooks and crannies that could benefit from a splash of green.

“The argument against improving these living areas by installing grass hasn’t been about design or not wanting a more natural setting to enjoy,” according to our NewGrass President. “The case against using grass on balconies, rooftops and other small areas is valid. Rather we should say it was. They often can’t handle the weight of artificial grass ground covering or meet drainage requirements.”

Those days are gone. Long gone.

First, NewGrass is changing in small-space landscaping with artificial grass ground covering. They don’t require heavy dirt or weighted border materials for installation. They also don’t hold water, like natural grass. Water drains through NewGrass, for example, at a rate of 30 inches per hour. Even wet, NewGrass is safe for standard commercial and residential construction weight-bearing loads construction. In addition, synthetic grass eliminates dirt concern. It stays outside.

But perhaps more importantly, landscaping for small and urban spaces are benefitingt from the growing partnership between NewGrass and AirField Systems.  They make AirDrain, a drainage system designed specifically for installing artificial grass on non-porous surfaces.

“We started suggesting Airfield Systems’ AirDrain to our customers a couple of years ago. We simply felt it was the absolute best choice for NewGrass on hard or interior surfaces,” stated our NewGrass President. “The fact water drains easily through NewGrass is a plus for terraces and patios. Also, it deals with the weight restriction. So the fact we recommend an outstanding drain system makes our product even more practical.”

AirDrain and Artificial Grass Ground Covering

AirDrain is an innovative, ecologically sound solution for porous paving, drainage and erosion control on surfaces like concrete.

Again, our NewGrass president reiterates, “It’s super-strong, highly versatile, lightweight and easily installed drainage system made from an environmentally friendly combination of polypropylene and polyethylene.”

The respect apparently is mutual: AirField systems has recently begun specifying the use of NewGrass on drawings it prepares for clients.

According to AirField Systems, AirDrain:

  • Creates and helps maintain a constant Gmax for NewGrass
  • Provides shock absorption to reduce the strain when used to cover play or exercise areas
  • Can help qualify for LEED and other green-building credits
  • Leaves a smaller carbon and development footprint, with reduced site disturbance
  • Makes water harvesting and reuse more feasible
  • Qualifies as a “No Break” plastic because it’s made from 100-percent recycled copolymer with the impact modifier metallocene

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