Want to be water-wise, green, and eco-friendly?
Love the lawn but hate the hassle and the weeds … and the allergies that go along with them?
Tired of the scuffed knees and dirty clothes every time one of the kids takes a tumble?
You need NewGrass®.

Four Great Varieties to Fit Any Need, Any Budget

NewGrass® stands alone in the synthetic grass industry in its combination of pricing, quality, service and commitment to being 100% eco-friendly. Regardless of the artificial lawn application you’re considering, NewGrass® will save you time and money today and in the long run … in addition to aiding water conservation, reducing the use of pesticides and helping create a healthier environment.

You can choose from:

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NewGrass® is manufacturer-guaranteed for ten years. Sure, every few months it may require a light raking or blowing with a leaf blower to refresh the blades. But that’s about it.

Maintenance? Forget about It!

If for some reason after your NewGrass® lawn is installed you still feel like doing some yard work, you can use your leaf blower to remove whatever debris lands on your new lawn.

Or, you can pull out the garden hose to wash away that layer of dust that blew onto your NewGrass® lawn.

However, after installing your NewGrass®, the only real job you’ll have is picking up the morning newspaper from your beautifully landscaped, water-free and maintenance-free yard.


Got Dogs? Got Kids? They love It!

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Dogs love to romp and roll on NewGrass®. That’s why RainTree Pet Resort, Applewood Pet Resort, and Boulder Falls Pet Resort chose NewGrass® for their runs.

Kids love it, too. No more scrapped knees. No more torn or stained blue jeans, just because they’re rolling around on the grass. That’s one reason the Dobson Academy in Chandler, Ariz., chose NewGrass® for its school yards.

Certified 100%
Eco-Friendly and Practical

NewGrass® is the artificial grass solution when being water-wise and environmentally conscious are as important as adding more outdoor living space to your home or business year-round.

Our Certified 100% Eco-Friendly Pledge is unique in the industry:

  • Be totally recyclable: NewGrass® is made with renewable and recycled resources and is 100% recyclable.
  • The NewGrass® Carbon-Offset Pledge – A portion of each sale supports the Carbon Fund, a non-profit organization leading the fight against global-warming climate change.
  • The NewGrass® Remove & Recycle Pledge – We’ll remove your NewGrass® free of charge for recycling at the end of it's useful life.

NewGrass® truly is an eco-friendly alternative to natural grass:

  • No watering needed. NewGrass® will curb water your water consumption regardless of your local weather conditions. It helps preserve a precious commodity … and lowers your water bill.
  • No weed killers required, because you simply don’t have any weeds.
  • No aggravating and potentially dangerous allergens that are normally hosted by weeds and, for some sufferers, occur in some natural grasses.

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