Why NewGrass?

NewGrass® is proud to be the synthetic lawn of choice for discerning distribution and sales partners and their customers – from homeowners to daycare centers, from elementary schools to pet resorts.

We are unique in the artificial grass industry in the way we support our distributors and installer network with:

  • Always-available technical expertise
  • A guaranteed supply and prompt delivery to meet installations of any size with any or our product lines
  • Top-ranked Google search results for leads and market nurturing
  • Training and guidance every step of the way

A Team with a Vision
NewGrass® has developed itself as a premium brand in the artificial lawn industry, becoming synonymous with “synthetic grass,” as well as with offering quality and a sterling reputation in an industry that is too often filled with fly-by-night deal-seekers or untrained part-time yard crews.

In addition, NewGrass® is dedicated to its mission of offering a truly green product, an environmental and eco-friendly landscaping alternative. We’re not pedaling grass that doesn’t need mowing.

  • All NewGrass® lawns are made with blades of 100% polyethylene - not nylon - and they are lead-safe and recyclable.
  • The backing on NewGrass® replaces over 90 percent of the petroleum-based polymers found on previous generations with bio-based compounds that are derived from domestically grown soybeans - a renewable resource.
  • The backing of NewGrass® also incorporates post-consumer PET plastic from soft drink and water bottles. That makes it - and the entire product - 100% recyclable.
  • For every square foot of NewGrass® installed, we make a donation to the Carbon Fund, a non-profit organization that is leading the fight against global-warming climate change.
  • NewGrass® has a Remove & Recycle Pledge - the lawn carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, but we'll remove it free of charge for recycling after its useful life.

Helping You Put Customers First
Our distributors consider every NewGrass® customer a partner in a unique relationship to which we’re committed to exceeding their expectations and providing exceptional results.

Whether a customer’s priority is to have a backyard lawn that beautifully complements their landscaping, or a play area that is usable year-round and gentler for all the tumbles a youngster can take, our customers choose NewGrass® for its quality as well as for the service they receive from their authorized NewGrass® distributor and installation team.

Any Use, Anywhere
From the backyard to the school yard, for an office park or a pet park … no matter what application you need or why you’re considering artificial grass, NewGrass® gives its customers:

  • The highest quality product in the industry
  • The best pricing in the industry
  • A trained professional sales staff dedicated to meeting your needs
  • A network of unparalleled, detail-oriented installation providers

In every case, NewGrass® and the NewGrass® distributor provide everything the customer seeks – an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and natural-looking artificial grass that not only looks good to them, but feels good under their feet and is designed and installed by a team they can trust to pay attention to the details.

A Recognized Leader in the Industry
The team at NewGrass® has a combined over 30 years of experience in the artificial grass industry. We know what it takes to earn the ongoing respect of our customers and our partners in the synthetic lawn business.

Highest Quality for Any Need, Any Budget
NewGrass® stands alone in the synthetic grass industry in its combination of pricing, quality, service and commitment to being 100% eco-friendly. Your customers can choose from:

  • NewGrass® Ultra
  • NewGrass® Supreme
  • NewGrass® Premium
  • NewGrass ® Sport
  • NewGrass® Select

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