“One of the best things about teaming up with NewGrass® is that I get a constant stream of great leads – serious leads that turn into sales. I’ve been in the synthetic lawn business for a while, with other companies and in other places before NewGrass Landscape & Design here in California. None of the other companies ever provided the kind of lead generation that NewGrass® has. They get them by phone, by email, by people going to their website. “

And when I contact leads from NewGrass®, the customers seem very easy to start the conversation with. They say they feel comfortable because of the quality of the NewGrass® website or the communication they’ve already had with the folks at the main office. There’s a level of trust there already.”

- Larry Reno, District Manager, NewGrass Landscape & Design, California


“NewGrass® always has the product I need, when I need it, and they ship and deliver when they say they will, which is always right away. That’s a very big deal to me, and a big deal in this business. The straw that broke the camel’s back in my relationship with two previous artificial grass suppliers was that they couldn’t deliver on their promises. I’d place an order, get a delivery date, and over and over I’d be left standing with my hands in my pockets, making excuses to the customer about why the project wouldn’t be on schedule, or why they needed to go with a different product from what I originally sold them. That cost me business and nearly damaged my reputation.

“NewGrass® has never let me down in its commitments for product availability and delivery. They always have the product I need. Their quotes are quick and accurate, their shipping is always on fast and on time.”

- Bart Stoneback, Owner, Mile High Synthetic Turf Company, Colorado


“NewGrass® really knows how to provide marketing and consulting support to its distributors. That’s a big deal to me, because when I teamed up with them, I wanted to hit the ground running and start selling product. I didn’t want to spin my wheels, waste a lot of time and spend a lot of money figuring out the best marketing approaches, or how to brand my company, or what would work best on website, or what’s the best information to put into a sales brochure. The folks a NewGrass® jumpstarted my sales by giving me the support I needed to do all of that right away, and more, too – like banners and yard signs. And what’s best is that their marketing stuff works.”

- Paul Parker, Owner, Artificial Grass San Diego, California

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