The Support

NewGrass® has a marketing and communication strategy that has resulted in NewGrass®:

  • Reaching top Google search rankings
  • Being featured on the Bob Vila, Modern Marvels and Designing Spaces television shows and
  • Receiving attention from the Associated Press and in newspapers nationwide and in Canada.

The effort works in two directions: Between us at company headquarters tapping into resources we have, and our authorized partners marketing NewGrass® and building brand awareness.

We can help with all of that, every step of the way.

Marketing Support that’s Effective and Affordable
We provide a range of marketing support in both print and electronic media – from brochures customized with your company name and contact information, to trade show displays and TV commercials to website development.

  • For pre-designed printed materials customized with your information (e.g, brochures, yard signs, business cards) you pay only the actual printing and shipping costs, which we negotiate for you. Or you can have them printed by a vendor of your choice.
  • Basic customization is provided at no cost to you and depending on the item includes formatting with your company’s name, contact information and logo (for example, making modest revisions in the text and graphics of postcards and brochures to target your market and identify your company).
  • For design services costs are figured on a fee-for-services basis. In these instances, our fees are incredibly affordable (basically at our cost) and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Getting Noticed on the Web, by the Media, in Your Market
NewGrass® regularly taps into Web-based, television and print media outlets to get stories published not only about us and our installations and distributors, but also about topics related to our industry and our products.

From water conservation issues, to city rebates for converting to synthetic grass, to articles about how to use artificial lawn in home landscaping … these are all fertile soil for getting the NewGrass® brand and our company’s name in front of potential customers.

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